About the SortMyCash Team

Our approachable team is here to make your everyday money matters simple and effective, providing you with the freedom to enjoy life’s pleasures. By partnering with hand-picked, dedicated experts, we assist in areas such as insurance, energy, broadband, mortgages, and more – with new services being added regularly.

Embark on a journey to regain control over your finances. Our specialist team, together with our reputable partners, will support you every step of the way, ensuring the process is both seamless and rewarding.

While we earn commissions on specific products you may choose to purchase from our partners, SortMyCash is a complimentary service for you. so you’ll never pay more using SortMyCash than going direct.

Our team has carefully selected top-tier partners in their respective fields, creating a one-stop solution for managing all your financial needs.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the SortMyCash team at info@SortMyCash.co.uk. We’re here to help.

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How we make our money

As a free service to our customers, we earn commissions when you purchase products or services from our partners. For a comprehensive overview of our revenue sources, please visit our Financial Relationships page.

Your data, privacy and security

We treat your privacy with the utmost care to ensure trust and confidence. For more information, please review our Privacy PolicyCookiesSecurity and Terms & Conditions.


Interested in joining the SortMyCash team? Send your CV and cover  letter to careers@SortMyCash.co.uk. We’ll get in touch if a suitable opportunity arises.


We value complaints in order to improve our service. Please submit any complaint in writing to complaints@SortMyCash.co.uk. Our team will strive to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.