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Welcome to SortMyCash Car Insurance, with the specialist comparison site and our recommended partner, GoCompare.

SortMyCash is dedicated to helping you make the most of your money and annual car insurance is most certainly one of the main areas in which the majority of people can save.

If you would like to make your car insurance cheaper, you should compare quotes each and every time your car insurance comes up for renewal to see if you can gain a better deal. Auto-renewal is often where you could be subject to a premium price hike, so a renewal rather than comparing quotes, could be costing you hundreds of pounds per year.[1]

SortMyCash Car Insurance with GoCompareOver 50% of consumers can achieve a saving of up to £240* with GoCompare Car Insurance and you can rest assured that you are in good hands, given they have a Trustpilot score of 4.8 – 85% excellent![2] Plus you now get £250 excess cover** for free on GoCompare.

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[1] FCA Sector Views 2020, Financial Conduct Authority.

[2] Based on out of 14,205 reviews, 85% of customers scored GoCompare as ‘excellent’. Last checked 29.03.21. 4.8 Trust Pilot score is an overall measurement of reviewer satisfaction undertaken by TrustPilot.

** Up to £250 refunded after claim settled. Car insurance purchases only. Excludes breakdown, windscreen and glass repair/replacement. Full T&Cs apply.