Ford Credit Mis-Selling Claims: Car Finance Compensation with SortMyCash & Chan Neill Solicitors

Discover if you’ve been a victim of mis-sold car finance by Ford Credit and learn how SortMyCash can help you claim the compensation you deserve. Partnering with Chan Neill Solicitors, we offer a No Win, No Fee service to assist you in pursuing your Ford Credit mis-selling claim.

Ford Credit Mis-Selling: What You Need to Know

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has revealed that hidden commissions were paid on 95% of car finance deals. If Ford Credit didn’t disclose this information to you, it’s possible that your car finance was mis-sold. Dealerships and brokers may have also manipulated interest rates, leading to higher monthly payments solely for the purpose of earning a higher commission.

If Ford Credit mis-sold your car finance, you may be entitled to claim thousands in compensation. This includes the entirety of the interest paid, hidden commission, and any other fees involved.

Ford Credit Car Finance Claims PCP Mis-selling Compensation

Signs of Ford Credit Mis-Selling

Your car finance may have been mis-sold if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  1. The salesperson did not explain they would receive a commission on the car finance
  2. The salesperson did not explain the amount of the commission
  3. Ford Credit did not explain the commission to you prior to the purchase
  4. The salesperson did not fully explain the Terms & Conditions of the car finance
  5. The salesperson did not explore a range of options to find the best finance for your situation

Starting Your Ford Credit Mis-Selling Claim

Complete our straightforward online form to begin your No Win, No Fee Ford Credit mis-selling claim. One of our advisors will contact you via email to guide you through the process. If you have your finance documents, it’ll be helpful in speeding up your claim. However, if you don’t, we can assist you in obtaining electronic copies from your lender.

Don’t let Ford Credit’s mis-selling go unaddressed. Start your No Win, No Fee claim today and let SortMyCash, in partnership with Chan Neill Solicitors, help you secure the compensation you’re entitled to.

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