Navigating the Legal Landscape: Business Energy Mis-selling and the Law

Understanding the legal framework surrounding business energy mis-selling is crucial for businesses looking to protect themselves from unscrupulous practices and seek compensation for mis-sold contracts. In this blog, we will discuss the disclosure requirements for energy brokers and the consequences of non-compliance. We will also explain how SortMyCash and our partner solicitors can help businesses navigate the complex legal landscape and pursue compensation for mis-sold energy contracts.

Disclosure Requirements for Energy Brokers

Energy brokers act as intermediaries between businesses and energy suppliers, helping businesses find the best energy deals. However, they are required by law to adhere to certain disclosure requirements when selling energy contracts:

  1. Transparency on commission fees: Brokers must disclose any commission fees they receive from energy suppliers during the point of sale and in the contractual paperwork. This allows businesses to make informed decisions about their energy contracts.
  2. Comprehensive market review: Brokers must conduct a thorough market review to ensure they present the best possible options to their clients, rather than promoting deals that benefit themselves financially.
  3. Clear contract terms: Brokers must clearly communicate the terms and duration of energy contracts, ensuring that businesses fully understand their commitments.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with these disclosure requirements can result in severe consequences for energy brokers, including:

  1. Regulatory action: Ofgem, the UK’s energy regulator, can take enforcement action against brokers that engage in mis-selling practices. This may include fines, penalties, and sanctions that can damage the broker’s reputation and financial standing.
  2. Legal liability: Brokers that fail to disclose commission fees or engage in deceptive sales practices may be held legally liable for mis-selling. Businesses affected by these practices can pursue compensation claims against the broker.
  3. Loss of trust: Engaging in mis-selling practices can erode trust between brokers and their clients, leading to a loss of business and damage to their reputation.

How SortMyCash and Our Partner Solicitors Can Help

If your business has been a victim of energy mis-selling due to hidden commissions or other deceptive practices, SortMyCash and our partner solicitors can help. We will guide you through the legal process and work tirelessly to secure compensation for your business. Our no win, no fee approach ensures that you can pursue your claim with confidence and without financial risk.


Understanding the legal framework surrounding business energy mis-selling is crucial for businesses seeking to protect themselves from unethical practices and pursue compensation for mis-sold contracts. By working with SortMyCash and our partner solicitors, businesses can navigate the complex legal landscape and secure the compensation they deserve.

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